FCM stands for "Friendly Clan Match". It basically means two apposing clans (Gamer clans, such as in Counter Strike) combat each other, not for official purposes, but rather for good old fasioned fun or paractice.
Lets have an FCM against the PKeepers!
by Gidi Morris May 15, 2005
Top Definition
Fuck. Chuck. Marry. Usually used to describe various types of people as whether they'd be the type you'd fuck, chuck, or marry.
Girl 1: Dude, check out that guy!
Girl 2: FCM?
Girl 1: I'd totally F him. His friend, however, is a C.
by skyzy88 February 23, 2006
FCM literally means "Five Cock Minimum", it is used to describe something that is incredibly homosexual. To FCM someone is to, while they are sleeping, place either a used condom or an unrolled condom that is full or skeet or lotion and the place upon the sleepers face. Then take copius amounts of pictures and blackmail that person.

The word orginiated in Miami FL, when a certain individual brought condom and porn with him on a school trip and decided to leave them on top of another certain individual's luggage. As soon as we saw dat shit we was like "Aaawwwww Hell naw, we aint takin this shit" So den um proceeded to fillin the rubber with some of dat free lotion you usually end up stealin, an' we den got dat porn he was frontin wit and open it to a page where this ho wuz takin lak 5 guys at once so we put da picture on his lap and took mad crazy pictures and when we tol him lak a monf afta he was all like "how could i let this happen" and wuz crying it was mad funny.
Whoa that shit is so FCM.
Mario dont make me FCM you again!
by Gomz May 19, 2004
Fortune Cookie Monsters
A group of bboys that break together and rip shit up!!
by BeEkAr!! April 05, 2003

Flawda coast mafia is a gang in jacksonville florida
only puerto rican and black people can be part of the
ay nigga u betta watch out u kno dem fcm niggas don fuck around!!!!
by J-VILLE May 22, 2006
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