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A polite term for oral sex or a blow job, in which a person kisses, sucks and licks a male's genitalia to give him sexual gratification. Referred to in Family Guy in 'The FCC Song' in which Stewie says of the FCC "...and they'll make you call felatio a trouser-friendly kiss..."
*little Timmy walks in on mommy and daddy doing the wild thing*
Mommy: Erm I was just giving daddy a trouser-friendly kiss.
by Zelda199 October 20, 2006
another way of saying fellatio, blowjob, give head etc
Sarah: so what do you want for your birthday?
Ricky: a trouser friendly kiss.
Sarah: a trouser friendl...? eerruuggh ur nasty!
Liz: you can get one from me!
by caramelboy June 30, 2008
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