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Fucking Behind The Scenes

A term used towards a couple that pretends to hate each other in public, but it's obvious they're fucking. This term can be used towards people you know in real life, or ships from TV, books, or movies.
Rachel: Hey, did you see Aubrey and Zack undressing each other with their eyes today?
Adam: Yeah, they're totally FBTS.
#screw #secret girlfriend #fucking #secret boyfriend #lovers
by WhatAPity August 21, 2011
An acronym for FAT BOY TENDENCIES. Used when consuming excessive quantities of unhealthy foods that fat boys love.
Oh fuuuck bro Ryuh!! You just ordered a California Carnitas Chimichanga with extra sour cream and a large Horchata? That's hella FBT!!
#fbt #fatboy #fat #fuck #bro
by SnuKs June 30, 2006
Fat Bastard

Usually used to describe overweight, nasty men. Such men spend most of their time trying to make others feel bad and the majority of people give them a wide berth. Literally!
That guy is a right wanker, he needs to lose some weight too, what a FBT.

Yeah, I heard that FBT hasn´t seen his penis in about 12 years and the wife now has a nervous tic.
#git #fat #belly #penis #overweight #evil
by Australia2006 February 03, 2010
Face Book Time - the same as Daylight Savings time where you lose an hour just by going on FaceBook and have no idea where that hour went.....
I thought you said you'd be here an hour ago
Yo, I was on my way out the door and I went on FB to check my messages and dang, before I knew it I checked my watch and realized I was on FBT
#facebook #time #wasting time #computer play #late
by TaggedandBagged November 19, 2011
Meaning: fist bump that shit. Use: invite to an fist bump when something is extremely awesome.
Dude: I just got 98% on my maths exam, and I was fucking high!

Other dude: FBTS!
#fist bump #ftbs #fist pump #bump #the shit #awesome
by iknowmymemesman August 24, 2011
Fucking Butt Turd; usually used to refer to someone who is bad at sports
Umpire: Strike 3, you're out!
Joey: Man Rob, that's your 3rd strikeout, you're such a FBT.
#motherfucker #cocksucker #jackass #poop stain #gay
by Wesley Huff June 22, 2010
acronym: FaceBookTroll

People that feel the need to make comments about every one of their friends posts/comments because they have nothing more pressing to do.

They also tend to double comment before anyone else can respond.
Emily: "Can believe how many times Gerald commented on your picture?"

Justin: "Tell me about it... He's such an FBT!!"
#facebook #forum #thread #troll #post
by 52kaerfegac August 17, 2009
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