Fahlstrom. Basement. Syndrom.

This is what you get in a Fahlstrom basement.
Your eyes begin to swell up, get red, and teary. You begin sneezing and start a very annoying scratching throat. Very similar to allergies, but way worse.
"Dude I can't come over because I don't want FBS."
by Ross R. Donnell October 06, 2008
Abbreviation for "fucking be serious". Used to denote either that it is now time to become serious or that something is meant to be taken literally.
1: Okay, FBS, we really have to get this shit done. No more messing around.

2: Like, FBS, we're in love.
by shiksadulcinea July 20, 2008
Acronym for Fucking Bullshit. Sometimes known as "Fahking Bullshit".
"You know what that is? Seriously...think about it. It's a big, steaming pile of FAHKING BULLSHIT...FBS!"
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
FBS or "Fuzzy Butt Syndrome" is a condition in which hair grows on the buttocks. The thickness of the hair can range from a light peach fuzz in mild cases, to full blown carpeting. (See HBS) This condition plagues millions across the world. There is no cure to FBS though there are treatments including shaving.
Person 1: "Hey your shag toilet seat is really comfortable!"
Person 2: "My toilet seat isn't shag, I bet your FBS is just acting up."
Person 1: "Oh noes!"
by Sasquatch Williams March 28, 2011
fat boy "someone" means that he's a fatty
look at fbs he can't stop eating those cakes

he loves pizza so much its on his face, dirty fbs
by christian williams November 13, 2007

f b's - fuck bitches.

used when refering to a stupid bitch.
me: dude, my girlfriend just broke up with me.
jeff: whatever dude f b's.
by trent g-low May 03, 2007
the official title used by fuck buddies to supplement other commonly used titles such as Mr., Mrs. or Ms.
A couple goes to see other friends at a bar and a guy introduces a girl who came with him:

Guy A: Hi guys, this is Fbs. Smith.
Guy B: Wait, really? What does that stand for?
Guy A: You don't know, we are just fuck buddies!
by lad92 May 29, 2016
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