to send a friend a message via internet
Yo son did you change your number?

yea son i did

fax me your new digits
#email #text #messages #facebook #myspace
by Paakwasi July 07, 2010
Top Definition
A. a slang word with two meanings.
i. A hot person
ii. a situation, event or occurrence that is pleasing.
b) anything that isn't fax is defax.
Dude I saw the new Harry Potter film last night, that Emma Watson is so fax!!!
#defax #hot #cool #sweet #sexy
by Hammer Time (Bordeaux) July 16, 2011
The popular fanfic pairing of Fang and Max, characters from James Patterson's popular book series, Maximum Ride.
'Warning! This story has some major FAX!'
'Don't you just love the faxness?'
'Yay for fax!'
#fanfic #fanfiction #pairing #series #author
by indie chick_42 (not my age!) October 15, 2008
To put someone in their proper place; Setting someone straight.
Midnite: BOY I had to "Fax" homie just now for violating me

HoodChef: That's what we do loco 4FUN!

Midnite: Word. He definitely had to get FAXED!
#faxed #faxing #violated #scumbag #loco
by MFxART January 26, 2012
1) Stands for the machine that sends a fax
2) Stands for the textual matter sent as seen on paper over cables.

Usually used to transfer documetns that require signatures and actual handwriting over a network.
Also used to send pictures and stuff that needs to be printed out on the other side anyway.
Also used by bored office workers to widely distribute copies of photocopied butt.
turn off the fax machine, we don't need any more copies of THAT.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
A good twenty bag of BLOW. In others word Cocaine.
I love getting faxes on a Saturday night. Especially when I do not have to get up early on Sunday morning.
#faxes #blow #twenty #bag #cocaine
by Steve Fuentes May 20, 2010
n. a fat ex-girlfriend or a fat ex.
I talked to my fax the other day. I'm not quite sure why she still calls.
#fat #ex #ex-girlfriend #fat ex #blubberous
by pmf2000 March 29, 2010
To defecate. Part of the expression "to send a fax"
Hey, guys, excuse me for a moment, I really gotta send a fax.
by Ricardo Oliveira March 28, 2003
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