to send a friend a message via internet
Yo son did you change your number?

yea son i did

fax me your new digits
by Paakwasi July 07, 2010
To be completely tired. When used as a present tense it often implies sleep itself, while as a past tense it implied fatigue. Often, but not always used in conjuction with being tired due to excessive marijuana consumption. Usage prevalent in South Australia.
Man, I'm gonna fax out (sleep).

Man, I'm faxed (tired).
by Bellettmonger September 02, 2008
To say Thank you in a shorter way.

Always ending with a capital X and starting with a lowercase f.

As in

faX = phanks = fanks = thanks = thank you
"faX grampa, we had a good time at the fair" Say billy the kid

"faX for that gift!"
by MrCocaCola May 27, 2008
To use someone in a sexual manner, with no intention of forming a relatioship; to have sex in an abrupt way, often with little pre-sexual conversation; in medical terms, this would be STAT sex, on demand; this can sometimes benefit both recipients of the fax transmission;
"wanna fax?" "I faxed his girlfriend last night, now she want to fax me all the time." How about "are you looking for a fax?"
by JeffL123 June 29, 2005
To fart; derives from a joke told in in 1995:
A regular nerd heard that there was a nerd convention in town, so he went. What he didn't realize is that it was a techno-nerd convention.

He didn't realize his mistake until he got into a conversation with some other nerds, and they were all bragging about their gadgetry. So he would just nod his head from time to time to act like he understood what they were saying.

Presently, they all heard a tweetling noise, and one of them whipped out such a tiny cellular phone that the nerd thought it must be a toy. But the techno-nerd apologized to the others and took the call while the others waited. He finished the call and they returned to their conversation.

The nerd was impressed and wondered how he could possibly fit in with this group.

Presently, a higher-pitched tweetling sound was heard, another techno-nerd apologized, flipped up what had appeared to be his fingernail and thumbnail to reveal a mic and speaker and held his hand up to his head and took the call.

Now the nerd was intimidated and realized he was totally out of his league. Besides, there was nothing to eat at the techno-nerd convention but pizza and he was starting to get gas. He wondered how he could excuse himself to leave without looking like he was turning tail.

Presently and even higher-pitched tweetling sound was heard, and a third techno-nerd apologized and tapped one of his teeth and an ear, and took his call hands-free. By the time he finished his call, even the other techno-nerds were looking a bit sheepish.

The regular nerd was so tensed up, that he passed his gas even as tightly as he was trying to hold it in, and it produced the highest-pitched sound they'd heard yet. The techno-nerds were all staring at him. Because he was so terrorized himself, he didn't realize that the look in their eyes was pure terror. He had to get away from these guys before they smelled what he'd done, so he thought as fast as he could and and as he was leaving he said, "excuse me, but I have a fax coming in".
by Downstrike May 27, 2004
Verb. meaning to dump someone.
"Are you faxing me?"

"He faxed me!"
by Gaia Dove September 24, 2003
A boy who was accused of having Fat Sex thus the nickname of Fax being created (FAt and seX)
"Hey Fax"
"Im gonna kill u"
by Benny January 22, 2004

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