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"Fat Above Pussy Area"

The gelatinous fanny-pack residing just above the vaginal region, typically on a rather hefty female.
"How was Ms. Keyson last night?"
"Well, it's not that she was fat, she just had a little extra."
"Extra? Where?"
"Like, right above her pussy."
"Oh, you mean she had FAPA?"
by KeysonLover123 July 21, 2009
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Fat Above-Penis Area. Also see fupa
That guy at the bus stop had a fapa bigger than most fupas.
by The Shrug February 11, 2010
The pouch on a otherwise skinny girl between the top of her pussy and her belly-button.
"Stands for Fat Above Pussy Area"
I wanted to fuck the bitch but I became nauseous and ran once I saw that she had a FAPA.
by "Woo" April 23, 2003
Fat around pussy area
That girl has fapa
by Granny August 08, 2003

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