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prolly the most underground skate shoe company. Their skaters include Jamie Thomas and Josh Harmony. There best shoe is prolly the rival cuz i skate it. ;-)
His new fallens wore completely torn to shit after that long day of skating
by WALALA February 07, 2005
When someone is or has fallen for someone. as in love or in lust.

someone who is in love or in lust with someone.

the act of being in love or lust with
She is so fallen for him

I am so fallen for him.

I'm fallen
by Megalyn November 13, 2005
a shoe company that designs jeans, hats, belt buckles, shirts, long sleeved shirts, hoodies, and most of all shoes. They have a skate team consisting of chris cole jamie thomas(as one of the creators of fallen) and more. They have really goos skate shoes too!
Wow! Look at those kids new fallen shoes!
by fallen man June 23, 2007
A person who has lost faith, hope, and god.; A person who gives up on everyone or everything. And always in despair. And depressed. A stereotype of a person has loss of hope. Not emo
"I guess you can say I am one of the fallen"
by Thefallen123 May 19, 2010
a skateboarding shoe company that makes other shit like t-shirts and hoodies too. they're a pretty sick company, their shoes are good, and their clothes look cool. some skaters on fallen footwear include chris cole, jamie thomas, and josh harmony.
I just got the new Fallen Chris Cole Rippers, wanna skate?!
by m. sherm February 04, 2009
a person or object (this is an adjective) that has seen the darkness and comes to the light to fight those and others who know but do nought...
Chaos Deity of the Fallen has finally avenged the worngs that have been done to him. huzzah!
by chaos deity October 06, 2005
A book by Lauren Kate. It's very complex and leaves even the smartest of people like me in the dust. It's strange twists and turns and unaccpected sentences surprise and this book captures the attention of the reader. I'm having a hard time not reading the book as I'm typing this.
Guy: Hey, what are you reading?
Me: Dude, I'm reading Fallen by Laurn Kate.

Guy2: Yea, that book rules. It's so attention grabbing and complex
by The Vixen Queen March 27, 2010
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