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A bar whose entire (or almost entire) clientele consists of homosexuals.
Synonymous with gay bar only more vulgar.
Drake and Josh went to that fag bar in Vegas -- Gipsy I think it was called before Jon Taffer and his Bar Rescue crew went there and fixed it.
by Telephony May 19, 2015
n. A bar which is mostly frequented by Harley riders.
Guy1: "This place is turning into a FAG BAR."
Guy2: "Yeah, I can barely hear you with all these fags riding around."
by estapimp December 05, 2009
a made up word by some dumb blonde that is supposed to be an insult.
whatever you are so gay, you fagbar!!
by me, baby, me December 17, 2007
a word used by Vince Vaughn's character in the 2001 movie "Made," i.e. the greatest insult ever
Esquileto: Man, that kid is such an asswipe.
Sanchez: Yeah, he's a total fagbar.
by Esquileto February 24, 2008
Definition is that someone is so gay that they are as gay as an entire faf bar
Dude you're such a fag bar
by TONY ASMAR September 23, 2006
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