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A combination of both 'Fantastic' and 'Fabulous'
Join "Thats So FABULISTIC - a petition to get FABULISTIC into the dictionary! on facebook."
Instead of saying, She's so fantastically fabulous, a much better phrase would be, She's fabulistic.
by Ffion + Charlotte September 15, 2008
A combination of the words 'FABULOUS' and 'FANTASTIC' created by Welsh pair, Ffion and Charlotte, soon to be famous word inventors.
It's So FABULISTIC that soo many people have joined the facebook group overnight! ;) xxx
by ggeeoorrggee September 14, 2008
When something is beyond freakin' fabulous.
Similar to awesome
The funiture at Ikea is fabulistic!
"The Rock" is freakin' fabulistic!
by Carrie-Lynne Glason April 17, 2004