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For Sure, only with more certainty than your typical "Fa Sho". often used in conjunction with mos def!
tyler: Did it feel the best when i put it in your butt last night?

zane: mos def!

tyler: Fa Sho!
by <3M@y<3 April 25, 2006
13 8
- ghetto term meaning that you agree with what someone says (see all ready,uh huh).
Andrea: " You ready to go to the Astros game?"

Jordyn: " Fa' sho. Just need to put my shoes on, then we out!"
by C.E.O. December 02, 2006
7 5
Fa 'Sho is commonly used on Myspace. By people like meh. It means Fer Sher, which means For Sure.
Fa 'Sho, Mann!
by Fa' Sho. August 21, 2009
5 4
slang meaning for sure OR for showing purposes
1. -Did u win last night?
-fa sho man
2. -whats all the extra tin foil for?
- its fa sho
by Sean November 14, 2003
42 57
for sure, word, for show
"Yo slim you get the stuff"....
"Fa Sho"
by anonymous October 12, 2003
41 56
For sure only more slang
I luv u fa sho!
by Callie March 21, 2003
13 36
Means HELL YEAH for black people
"Awl my niggah, dat bitch is FUGLY!"
"Fa Sho my nigg"
by LadySwoop October 27, 2004
108 134