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got more head than he got body. when someone's head is not proportional to one's body.
"Bebolati, got more head than he got body!"
by Callie February 19, 2005
adj. sexy. to be sexy. to be beautiful in a sexually appealing way.
You are looking seski tonight.
by Callie February 19, 2005
The way all the hip N. Va kids abbreviate Reston Town Center.

Also known as Reston, TC, or Town Center.
Hey, wanna hit RTC tonight?
by Callie April 17, 2004
"To accompany as someone with which you wish you had romantic interest in, but for right now you just need a date"
"The date-less football player took his nerdy next door neighbor to prom as a friend."
by Callie May 28, 2004
a person that looks really sexy.
Callie told me that he looked zipperlickingood.
by Callie October 22, 2004
Something that is cool and down for
"That car is Legit! it has nice rims and cool interior"
by Callie March 21, 2003
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