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The hexadecimal color code for a shade of medium orange that is often associated with homosexuality. Seriously, orange? I'd think it'd be a nice bright shade of pink such as FD97E6.
dude1: ur such a F49907 lol
dude2: Actually, I'm more of a FC92E7 myself.
dude3: All this hexadecimal is making me 2545EA...
by Joshua Squires May 30, 2007
1337 form of "faggot" like ghey, does not mean 'homosexual' but is merely a general derogatory.
elohel ur such a f49907, dazz
by Slaytanicus April 08, 2003
BLONK IS A GODDAMNED F4GG071!!!!1!111! somebody shoot this motherfucker
DR BLONK STEALS CRASH CODES, THINKS HES UB3R 1337, AND IS THEREFORE A F4GG07! 0m9 hez a real faggot ass bitch!
by F4GG07 January 02, 2005
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