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Being attracted to fat people.
Man that Ethan is such a F Sexual!
by Patrick Murphy September 10, 2005
633 415
Prefered women of choice with extra weight including love handles and fiddly bits
Get your lag over that well rounded peice of ass stapo is f sexual because he likes bigger women
by Ha stapo April 26, 2006
329 229
Being attracted to only overweight individuals. 200 lbs plus preferred.
Kara King is so f sexual every boy she's ever boned is over 240 lbs!!!!
by 3 in a box! <3!*$!! December 11, 2007
43 37
Fsexaulity is furry related and means that your furry/fursona is bisexual or doesnt care about gender. Yet your straight irl
X: Man that dog is so hot..
Y: I thought you didnt like males
X: Im fsexual, I dont like males but furries is alright
by Malheus June 14, 2010
1 4