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A term to express the sensation of looking at someone hot. Suggesting that a mere glance at the hot assed be-atch could be so sexually arousing, as to cause the tissue in your eyes to become erect.
Dude, don't look now, but there's a total hawtie right behind you.

Okay, tell me when I can look.

Okay look now.

Holy shit, dude. Hawt as fuck! I just got an eyeboner.
by zwibble de jah jah July 19, 2006
When you see something so amazing it gives your eye balls a boner.
Did you see that last episode of the popular television show we discuss? I was floppin' out eyeboners the entire time.
by Yupitis November 11, 2014
When you see a very attractive person that it makes you open your eyes wide open. Usually your jaw drops along with it as well.
Damn, I got an eye boner from staring at Bonquisha's ass at the club!
by Mongacarta December 28, 2009

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