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The combining of the two words, Extremely & Brutal. (Extremely brutal) Created in Mid-Missouri by fans of Grindcore and Black Metal to describe situations, people, things, places etc that are SO fucking hardcore and awesome... or equally terrible.
"Hey bro, did you get a chance to listen to the new Iwrestledabearonce?"
"Yeah, I sure fucking did... That shit is Extrutal!"


"Hey girl, did you hear what I did to my ex boyfriend? I turned off the electricity on his ass when I moved out!" "Wow, that's fucking Extrutal."


"Dude, check out this headwound I got from bashing my face into the wall in a fit of rage... I must have lost a pint of blood!"
"Awesome! That's goddamn Extrutal!"

"I love Dethklok... They're so extrutal."
by ImmortalAmaranth December 03, 2011
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