Normally, a small pill that can come in many colors but usually white. They have different logos on them such as hearts, cupids, x, happy faces...etc.

There are a few ways to take them. You can chop it up and snort it, but it hurts like a bitch. You can swallow it, which makes it take a little longer to start to feel it. You can chomp it. It taste awful but it starts sooner. Or you can stick it up your bum. Personally, I like to chomp one and swallow another. That way I feel it quick but let the other roll in slow and it's not TOO intense. It takes 20 minutes-1 hour to kick in. The first time I did it I swallowed them and it took about 45 minutes to hit me. It may last from 3 to 9 hours...depending on the amount you've taken and the content of the pill.

You get dehydrate very easily, so carry around some water!!! No joke. You need to keep water in your system...very important! You might want to carry some gum on you as well, because you will be grinding your teeth like a son of a bitch. If not, I'm sure your jaw will hurt like hell the next morning and you'll have soars all in your mouth. I don't recommend drinking hard alcohol! A little beer is long as you’ve got that H2O. Yaddada-mean?

The "coming up" is usually a little awkward due to uncertainty and nervousness, but once you're "rolling" it's a grand feeling. It usually depends on the content of the drug and the user's state of mind at the time. I recommend taking the drug when your having a great night. You don't want to be in a bad environment. Do it with people you feel most comfortable with.

Things to enhance the effects of the drug is Vitamin C, beer (not too much), and weed are a few things. Pop a vitamin c pill when you pop the X. Carry around some OJ as me!

Symptoms include grinding your teeth, sweating, dilated peplus, slurred speech, confusion, anxiety, sleep problems and sometimes unable to communicate well.

You usually feel happy and want to touch everyone and everything. It enhances sensations. It increases sensitivity to your surroundings. Sounds, colors and emotions can seem much more intense. Often heard from my mouth..."This song's my favorite!"

A couple things I recommend:
Have someone massage you with A LOT of lotion.
Have someone pop your back.
Take a shower and rub conditioner on yourself.
Rub ice on your hands or one your friends hands and have them do it back to you.
Kiss someone with ice in your mouth.
DANCE to rave music.
Have some psychedelic lights on while dancing...
or just go to a damn rave!

During the come down users can feel tired and depressed for a few days. It's never gone passed one day for me. I do recommend smoking a bowl of weed the next morning though. You'll be a little "E-tarted".

This is a very inexpensive drug...and very addicting. You'll fall in love, so be careful.
Mac Dre says Extacy's like - "first i do it like this
i put a look on my face like i smell some piss
bounce to the beat till it starts to hurt
then i dust all the smirk off me shirt
dip to the ground as i catch the bass
then i wipe all the sweat off me face
pop back up then i start to slide
popping my collar, as i glide
then i break the thang down and do the bird
dust my self off like i just stole third
come on everybody, now's the chance
f**k the harlem shake, it's the thizzle dance"
by Kat-astrophy May 01, 2008
A drug that gets you horney enough where you will do it with anything...
My butt hole hurt the morning after i took extacy.
by lynne marie February 09, 2004
Extacy a drug wich can cause many many problems.. Those problems soon disapear once you have reached your peak though.. Chances of people dying are not that high. People make them seem that way though.... Yes. you could die from dropping e.. but you could also die from Drinking too much booze smoking too much pot or smoking ciggarrettes everything has reprocussions.. Extacy espesically it is known to many people as.. "The Drug From Hell.." not me thought not any of my friends.. I think.. that it was sent from heaven.. E takes away your problems for a good five to eight hours and allows you to do something alot of people dont usually do.. it allows you to be yourself.. I am not telling you go do extacy I am just saying if you are thinkjing about it and you think that you might die.. well im not going to lie theres a good chance but there is also a good chance that you can walk to school and get hit by a bus.. so all im saying is you only life once soo GO HARD!!!!!!!!!...
Timmy.. "I did e last night.. it was the best night of my life.."

Jimmy.. "I also did e last night Timmy and I agree.. It was the best night of my life.. I got laid and my pupils got really big!.. my penis shrunk but it was worth it!"
by Brittaknee December 13, 2004
A dangerous drug that can be addictive and side effects include vomiting, violent shivering, aching, heart-palpitations and loss of relationships, friendships etc.
I have been taking extacy for a while and the side-effects got so bad that I actually thought I was going to die the next day, my heart was actually jumping beats and I had to be helped to move out of bed. I could not stop vomiting or shaking and my temperature was sky high but I was screaming that I was cold. I realised that I had become addicted and could not go out without looking for drugs. So be very careful.
by I took too many drugs November 25, 2007
ehh..something i will soon take. I might die, but its all
little pill with a airplaine on it. a drug.
by aznpimpin89 June 05, 2003

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