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A previous employee who continues to work for their previous employer on a sub-contract basis, all the while earning significantly more than when they were employed full time...
Willo the Wisp is one of the best exployees we have!
#subcontract #willo #wisp #mckay #stealth #sandals
by MartinWassell January 18, 2008
what a personal assistant soon becomes after his/her affair with the boss is discovered.
Lindsey got caught with our CEO in the copy room. Safe to say she hits exployee status in less than a day.
#mistress #affair #exploye #employee #ex-employee
by D Pizzy September 18, 2008
An employee that is no longer working for a certain business
Dude 1: "There's a guy looking for a Matt, do we have a Matt working here?"

Dude 2: "Nope, Exployee. Got fired last week"
#employee #worker #ex #fired #coworker
by Joshua Rogers May 30, 2008
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