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Whenever your orgasms tend to squirt more than a few inches in the air, if you're male. If female, it makes a very large splash. Can be compared to a firecracker, to a certain extent.
Wow man, I just had this AMAZING explorgasm ALL over my face. It tasted nasty but, DANG if it wasn't enjoyable.
#orgasm #orgasbomb #cum #masturbation #jacking off #wacking it
by That one Guy with the Face April 08, 2008
When you're lost but discover a wonderful place.
"Wow man, where'd you find this restaurant?"
"I was trying to go to Jenny's house and had an explorgasm!"
#orgasm #exploregasmic #lost as fuck #yolo #yoloswagking
by theamazingmrmaybe February 06, 2013
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