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A combination of the words "explosion" and "orgasm".

To experience a very good, very fast orgasm, especially happens after you orgasm after being deprived from sex/masturbation for over a week.
My Wife's parents spent the week at our house and I had the worse case of blue balls ever, but the explogasm she gave me when they left was well worth it.
by Alkalies May 14, 2009
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to explode in orgasmic delight at something not related to any sexual activity.
"man, did you see that car? it was explogasmic"
by Mike February 28, 2006
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1. An Explosive Orgasm of epic proportions.

2. A Flavor Explosion that causes an orgasm in one mouth without the balls on ones chin.
3. A feeling of ecstasy so great that ones molecular structure is shredded, in a flashy boom of fleshfetti.
1. I know I said you could fuck my woman, But I didn't say it was could to plaster her to the wall with your Explogasm!
2. Dude, That Pizza was so bomb I feel like I should have had balls on my chin!
3. Timmy nooo! Would you look at that?
by Jesus Bickel June 17, 2010
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