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An ex-boyfriend of Mexican ethnicity, specifically an immigrant from the country of Mexico. A shortening of "Mexican ex-boyfriend." Used by whites in a self-deprecating way, as in a girl who has a Latin fetish, for example, and usually not meant in a derogatory or anti-Mexican manner. See also Nexican
Susie: "I've got to find a new boyfriend. Things have been dry around here since the Exican and I broke up."

Jennie: "I know a good-looking bartender. He's a good potential Nexican for you, Susie."
by Dulicious April 16, 2008
6 3
a person of hispanic origin who marries, impregnates, and divorces a legal citizen in order to obtain a green card
Hombre numero Uno -Man check out shorty over there
Hombre numero Dos - Yea homes I hear she's good at making Exicans!
by sloppysecondexican June 01, 2010
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