The ghost ship of the West Coast. Thought to have been captained by a mad man with obsessive compulsive disorder who was a real joe the show.
Off of the south end of Crocker Island I saw the Excelsior slip into the mist.
by a scott hughes October 24, 2009
The Excelsior is the most diverse neighborhood in San Francisco. Almost at the border of Daly City, between Glen Park and Bayview. Formerly an all Italian and Irish catholic neighborhood, it now has people from everywhere, there is no racial majority or minority at all. this can be confusing and make people feel outnumbered - but by who? The point is, why feel outnumbered just because you dont see people just like you? Why not just enjoy all this culture we can access?Its got wide streets, lotsa sun, and 78% homeownership - the highest in the city. Residents care about their houses and want more parks and fun places for our zillions of kids. Heavily populated - at 6pm the place is flooded with blue collar types dragging home the kids and the groceries. Yeah, there are white folks here just like there are Samoans and everyone else. They all work hard for the American Dream of a cool house full of cool stuff and cool people to enjoy it with. These people are gonna rule the world one day. Oh, and Jerry Garcia grew up here. We hold a festival in Maclaren Park for him and all the cool folks who grew up in the Excelsior.
"Lets go to the Excelsior to have bubble tea and eat pupusas and catch a free show at on thursday at Mama's Cafe."
by prezjack January 23, 2007
Everything and Anything. Believe in him and you shall find enlightment and eternity.
"EXCELSIORR we who are about to die salute you!"
by Payam E October 07, 2006
-A funny internet meme that depicts a tank flying through the air.
-What Al Gore screams at everyone
-Something to say when you drop the shit of the century
-Something to scream when you are in the woods
-Al Gore: "Excelsior!"
- <Squeezes, grunts, and straining> "Wow that's an excelsior shit for sure.
-<In the woods> EXCELSIOR!!!!!
by redstonecrap134 February 04, 2015
a latino, black and asian neighborhood in the southern part of San Francisco. Mission St runs through the neighborhood. Down the street are the notorious Sunnydale projects and the Alemany Housing Projects.
The excelsior aint nothin to be fucked wit
by hamydeez November 02, 2004
It's a crap south-east San Francisco neighborhood. You live here when you can't afford to live someplace better. It's not as fucked up as Bayview or Visitation Valley, but it's straight up nasty, with a third-world smell.
Ho, where do you live?

In the City.

Which part?


Oh. That's too bad. Maybe you should move.
by JooJoo94112 September 07, 2010
One of the few diverse places in California that have a black & Asian mix, including of course, whites, Latinos, Pacific Islanders and more. It's like a United Nations neighborhoods with numerous cultures.
Chan: Which part of S.F. are you from?
Jammal: I'm from the Excelsior, where you see people of all races living in harmony, you got black, Asian, Mexican, Salvadoran, white, Samoan and more.
by U.S. Bob April 27, 2007

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