The combination of 'ew' and 'ugh'.
Vikki: "My fingers smell of nicotine ablaze."
Me: "Ewgh."
by Ben Kessler July 23, 2005
Top Definition
Ewgh is the combination of "Ew" and "Ugh"
Usually said in disgust and when your tired of hearing/seeing something happen.
Sanjana: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH ( spitting a bit)
Joshua in his thoughts: she's ugly, her breath stinks and she's spitting -_- this is disgusting
Sanjana: soo joshuaa am i pretty :$ ?
Joshua in his thoughts: if she talks one more time m gonna snap :@
Sanjana: joshy woshyy pooki....( spits a little)
Joshua: YOU FUCKING FUGLY BEETCH eww your ugly and your breath stinks ugh
Sanjana: ew and ugh :( ?
Joshua: yes......EWGH !
Sanjana: your making me cry
Joshua: go kill yourself and please brush your teeth :)
Sanjana: :(
by vinthulawhauwh April 02, 2011
you type ewgh when you have an orgasim and you put your fingers on your keyboard as a sign of relieaf.
Kenny: ok i understand. i'll leave you to it.
by GoodOldJacob May 24, 2011
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