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An amazing wonderful girl. She is so kind and sweet to everyone. No matter what happens she will be with you and help you with anything. Evyns are always trustworthy and they can help you with anything even of you deny when you need it. Every Evyn is beautiful and even though she doesn't always know it. Don't let any Evyn say that she is ugly because she is one of the most gorgeous girls you will ever meet. A lot of people think she is a boy when they don't see her since her name is Evyn but she is the most powerful woman you know. She knows all the answers when it comes to love and is so sincere. She isn't afraid to speak what she wants and she always has great jokes to tell you.
"Wow, Evyn looks amazing everyday!"
"I wonder what Evyn would do in this situation?"
by Awesome tots February 25, 2015
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Guy who is sometimes great. He is caring but doesn't know how to say no or stand up for himself. He is a little stuck up. But when he's not being stuck up, he is actually really fun to be around. Once you find an Evyn, don't get too attached because he is known for being flighty.
One day in January when Evyn would not hang out with anyone, he flew away. Because he is flighty.
by Wendy's. April 12, 2013

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