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1. When a villain falls into a spree of maniacal laughter.
2. What you experience when you find out that you have 87 times more expendable man-power than before.
"I think I just had an evilgasm."
-Lord Xykon, "Order of the Stick"
by Jim Raynar June 26, 2005
A A word created by Giant in the playground comic character,Xykon the lich. Represents having intense pleasure due to thoughts of possible evil.
Upon sighting his, newly bought deathray,he had an evilgasm.
by AbyssalApsu April 22, 2010
That wonderful feeling you get when you do something REALLY mean. Only gained in doing something truly evil.
Man: That's right bitch, you'd better go pick that shit up!
Bitch: Y-yes Sir.
Man: Oh shit. I think I just had an Evilgasm!
by Bird875 February 21, 2010
What the what the DM has, after he pummels the hell out of your level 1 character with something much bigger.
sumomo: aw shi-
DM: NOW YOU DIE!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *insert evilgasm*
by sumomo pie March 09, 2006
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