A show that G's watch while dreaming of spreading Ray Romano's asshole so wide that all of his internal organs fall out of it, and then doing questionable things with his organs.
Yo, that nigga b a total G, insted of fuccin shawty he b watchin dat Everybody Loves Raymond show n shii.
by G-Unit4 February 17, 2009
One of the funniest sitcoms according to Nielssen ratings, but I found no humor whatsoever in the show. The CBS sitcom starred comedian Ray Romano (who isnt even very funny) as a Long Island sports reporter who's meddling parents constantly cause friction for him and his wife, Debra. His brother Robert was always jealous of Raymond for his success and popoularity, thus the title EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND.
Everybody Loves Raymond was apparantly a very funny show, but I couldn't stand it and found no humor in it. It is one of the stupidest shows in my opinion.
by krock1dk September 04, 2007
A derogatory term for a show with absolutely no comedic value; an absolutely worthless waste of time that appeals only to those who are easily entertained...VERY easily entertained.
Wow that show was fucking Everybody Loves Raymond.
by ik January 11, 2004
Except me - I hate him and his poxy little show. Not only is it unfunny - but also quite boring.
Wife: Everybody Loves Raymond is on!
Me: (Reaching for the medication) Wow - i'm so thrilled! (SARCASM)
by Gavster March 11, 2005
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