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A color changing glass bowl with a large reservoir and a shape that makes all the resin drip back into the fire, so that every last bit goes to a good home. Waste not, want not.
This bowl took a long time to get kicked, it's the Ever Lasting Gob Stopper.
by Teh ded Pope April 11, 2005
A ball of limitless flavors that can be uncovered by licking.

The first couple are Lemon, Strawberry, and Green apple, but as Wonka got less creative he started making flavors like, Bacon, Iodine, and Car Exhaust.
Man! after a while, I could swear this Everlasting Gobstopper tasted like dog feces.
by SeventhSandwich[BL] January 24, 2010
The cock, penis, wang, meat stick, gut pounder.
"Mr. jackson, what are you doing?"
"tasting your Everlasting Gobstopper"
by Jacob The Awsomest August 08, 2005