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The philosophy used by Eventualists, of taking everything out to it's logical conclusion. This can be used to make a very valid point, show the absurdity of another's argument or just end a statement. Related to Observationism in that one can take any given situation and accurately predict how it's going to end.
Loser: "I feel safer with the enhanced patdowns at the airport."

Eventualist: "It won't be long before the TSA will be doing anal cavity searches.

Dumbass: "I smoke crack every so often and my life hasn't changed at all."

Eventualist: "You'll be sucking dicks for a hit real soon."

Hillbilly: "Hey man, wanna see something funny? Hold my beer."

Eventualist: "I'm glad he made me a beneficiary."
by Cool Hand Chuck December 28, 2010
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