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Evarts is a place, VERY country. Youll love it but also hate it. Full of drama. & people talk shit. WARNING: Lots of REDNECKS too! Other than all that, its great, and sometimes a good place to be. If you aint use big cities anyways..
Destiny, "Ayy gurl you been to evarts yet?"

Ashley, " Nooo way ! I heard thats a hell hoe!"

Jake, "Hey bro lets go fishin."

Jared,"Yeah nigga sounds like a plan."
by Sahara Planck July 08, 2011
Evart is a great city to live in. It is full of many recreational activities such as trout fishing, whitetail deer hunitng, turkey hunting, dirt bike trails, snowmobiling, skate park, camping facilities, and much more. The historic logging town boasts many centennial homes and beautiful parks. Evart is the Home of the Evart Wildcats. Evart can boast that many of our students continue on to college, Universities, or trade schools. Evart's City Council, Downtown Development Authority, and Local Development Finance Authority work hard to bring in new small businesses and industry. City Policing keeps a strong force to hold crime at a minimum. The city of Evart has approx 1700 within the city, with around 5000 citizens in surrounding townships. Evart is a friendly community and the Local Chamber of Commerce will help anyone and any business to move forward. Evart is famous for the Dulcimer Funfest which brings in thousands of spectators year after year. Other yearly attractions include Gold Wings Convention, Relay for Life Cancer Walk, and Wood Carvers to name a few. The local Department of Public Works and Water/Sewer Departments do a great job keeping Evart in tip-top shape. Be sure to stop by and enjoy a home cooked meal at a variety of restaurants. Evart also offers bowling and live entertainment including bands, karaoke, comedians, and dancing. Celebrate with us on July 4th as we light up the sky in a spectacular fireworks show. One can be proud to live in Evart, MI.
by HonestOne2 February 18, 2011

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