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loves me for me
always cheers me up
sees beauty in what i call flaws
loves me unconditionally
has a way of making me see the positive in negative things
doesn't pressure me
he doesn't lie
he won't cheat on me
he only wants to be w/ me....i'm his irreplaceable
funny the good way
ambitious//wants something out of life
loves to look good//cares about his appearance
confident but far from cockyy
athletic ((major plus))
taller than me

makes me laugh and smile randomly
i love his random i love yous
he can tell me he loves me a bajillion times in a row and i wont get tired of it....b/c it just makes me understand how deep our love for each is even more
i could go on forever so i'll end it here
Evan(: someone confident, knows what he wants & who he wants to be. someone who knows his life goals & ambitions, & works hard to get where to get there. someone funny, chill, caring, sweet. knows what's okay to do & what's not okay to do: meaning he knows where the limits are to whatever (play fights, etc.) & knows to never cross those limits. someone who doesn't lash out with anger so much that they have to use they're fists. someone who I can have a million of adventures with. someone who I can just make fun of & will know i'm just kidding & doesn't take it to heart. i don't want a perfect relationship; i need a couple of fights:) . someone who isn't afraid to try new things, someone honest but not harsh, someone i can have deep and meaningful conversations with. someone i know who will be there when everything goes wrong & all i need is a hug & to hear 'everythings going to be alright' . someone that isn't afraid to say 'that's her' to his guy friends. someone i can trust. someone i can have the time of my life with at home doing nothing.
by TEASETORREY January 07, 2012

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