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Extremely sexy man with a huge dick. A guy most girls want.
girl 1: Im dating Eusebio!
girl 2: Luck bitch! He is so fine!
#sexy #eusebio #hot #fine #big dick
by ILuvYhu May 26, 2012
Full name Eusebio da Silva Ferreira. Born in Mozambique. Kidnapped to Portugal. Became a legend in Soccer.
He scored 638 goals in 614 games for Benfica!
He was the top scorer in the 1966 World Cup with 9 goals!
Eusebio and Pele are nicknamed the Black Diamonds.
#soccer #futbol #mozambique #portugal #black panther #black diamond #black pearl
by Soccerfan123454321 October 23, 2011
Spanish and Italian form of EUSEBIUS, which is a Latinized form of EUSEBIOS, which derives from Greek ευσεβης (eusebes) meaning "pious". This was the name of several saints.
Saint Eusebios of Venice.
#pious #divine #holy #saint #saints
by SABOLOCO March 20, 2010
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