Europe's attempt to become the new United States.
The European Union has a kickass economy.
by Brutus II August 01, 2008
When you have sex, specifically, with someone from Europe. Similar to Uniting Nations.
Example 1

Guy 1: Dude, I banged that Slovakian chick last night.
Guy 2: European Union, man!
Guy 3: That's what I'm talking about!

Example 2

Jimmy totally had sex with a hot chick from Spain. It was an epic European Union.
by ChargeitUp August 27, 2013
The European Union is a golden chance for all europeans to unite and build a new federated socialist europe. A unified europe would be the single most powerful geopolitical entity in the history of mankind.

Or we could cling onto our pathetic 'nation states' and remain the US and China's bitch.
Intervention by the federal army has proved instamental in ending the long conflict...the dollar continued its sharp decline against the euro...Klapmann was candid about the growing global influence of European Union forces...
by Ever closer union January 20, 2009
1. Became known by its current style in 1993, when Maastricht was signed and the keys to the UK and frankly everywhere else in Europe were handed over to new management in Brussels.

What started out as an innocent economic adventure, through the 1980s, slowly turned into a nightmare political descent as it became apparent that - lets be crude and frank - France and Germany did want a union in which they couldn't and didn't have DIRECT control over.

2. More recently things have become more serious and sinister with firstly the Treaty of Nice and now the blueprint for a country called Europe with its own constitution.

Frankly the United Kingdom, should go a step further and vote on membership not a pathetic federalist vision of a constitution for a whole continent of countless races, languages and cultures that simply don't and won't ever fully integrate.

Home rule for Britain - God Save our Head of State, the Queen!
"a scary vision of the future : Malta, Finland, Lithuania, Ireland, Belgium and Cyprus all with the same currency, Parliament and law to uphold - oh shit, thats NOW!"
by britishandworried January 29, 2005
Now come on guys, only 7 entries to define the Common Market?
The 'union' is purely a business thing in order to sell stuff more easily. If anyone thinks it is anything other than an extension of ronald mcdonald type hegemony then you need to watch a lot more Simpsons, South Park and Steve Bell.
My grandchild has a a portuguese mother, an english father and she was born in france. Eventually the portuguese authorities will give her a passport but this will take up to four months. Meantime she cannot travel and we cannot see her. So where is the 'european union' in that? I have to say that the quicker this charade called 'democracy', with which the rich and powerful dazzle us, is exposed as a money making lie, the better.
by starfish steve March 20, 2007
Most economically prosperous union in the entire world. Inhabitants think they are amazing just because they're richer and smarter then us Americans. But we are are a military hyperpower, so there.
"Us Europeans think we rule just because we're rich."
by USAAllTehWay March 14, 2005
To quote a Star Wars character, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Originally designed to unite Europe, this organisation has mutated into a corrupt gang of power-hungry, democracy-hating con-artists who want to live like princes and be accountable to no-one. They employ people like Lord Neil Kinnock (so-called socialist who lost two elections in a row), and Norman Lamont (useless chancellor who sunk the UK into recession). Now they have complete control over the UK (thanks to our treacherous selfish government who know a gravy train when they see one) they'll be accomplishing what a certain Austrian painter set out to do seventy years ago.
Hitler: "Damn and blast! Why didn't I just wait until the forming of the European Union! I could be ruling england and all of Europe by now!"
by Stormsworder August 26, 2008

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