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the most beautiful girl you will meet. if you know a eunice, date her. smart, nice, funny, chill. an exotic beauty with a great butt. any eunice goes perfectly with someone with a name like patrick, ryan, justin, matt, or adam
patrick: who's that girl sitting over there? she's hot!

nathan: oh she looks like a eunice. you should go talk to her patrick.
by loveguru February 02, 2012
112 41
a name of a fine ass chick ever

who get holla by 5 guys a day.
ayyyyy eunice , when are u gonna let me hit dat huh?
by LadieFlie December 19, 2003
570 199
A girl's name; which in Greek means "Happy Victory".

Also Timothy's mother's name found in the Holy Bible: 2 Timothy 1:5.
Her name is Eunice.

by EMC2 August 08, 2008
364 110
a name
Hey dawg were's ur girl Eunice at?
by Orly420 October 22, 2003
284 127
A beautiful, fine, cute, pretty, the most beautiful person in the whole entire world. She's a fine ass girl
Look at that fine chick right there, she's eunice
by kiddo32578 July 26, 2011
177 67
A cute, funny, and pretty girl. Her name is Greek and means victorious.

It's hard to get mad at a Eunice, even if she can be insensitive at times.

Girls named Eunice are great matches for boys starting with the letter Y.

Also, boys with seven letters in their names make great matches for a girl named Eunice.
Guy #1: Shes cute. I just wanna squeeze dem cheeks; she must be named EUNICE!
Guy #2: You're right, think she'll go out with me?
Guy #1: Go for it bro!
by penguin123456 October 24, 2012
55 25
A small city in louisiana
We gunna go down to Eunice and pimp some hoes.
by bobwehadababyitsaboy November 26, 2003
88 124