A Euna is a person who is:
Pure beauty and grace, a gift from the Gods; Someone who is lovable in every attribute. She is a very nice person, who is warm, welcoming, and intelligent.
Once you have a Euna you'll never want to let her go.
I have a Euna and I'll never let her get away.
by xXHottieXx September 16, 2010
A fictional non moving tentical made of skin located behind the knee , various kinds of fruits and vegitables ranging from grapes to very large pumpkins can sprout from it. The brain controls what the euna grows.
" Hey dude what are you growing on yout euna."
by the mammoth March 24, 2009
1. A female who's physical appearance becomes more appealing when situated besides the Phascolarctos cinereus.

2. A type of cougar.

3. The stereotypical, gossiping fob, only 10 times worse.

4. Technically by definition, a Female Pimp, surrounds ones self with a large number of male humans, males who often have large pockets and very desperate needs. Takes any means to an end.
Girl 1: "I met a really rich guy, so I acted as innocent as possible and told him I was a virgin."

Girl 2: "That's such an Euna thing to do."
by Commander Flex Plexico May 04, 2010

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