A term for a sex position where the male is the artist and the female is the etch-a-sketch. Coined etch-a-sketch because of the similar actions performed when trying to draw something on an etch-a-sketch. Done by performing the following steps:
1) turn the knobs to draw a picture (twist the nipples to draw a "happy face" on the female)
2) shake to erase the sketch (the "happy face" is removed once the male repeatedly penetrates the female by moving her up and down quickly)
3) repeat.
My favorite childhood toy was an etch-a-sketch. I'm a kid at heart, which is why I'm playful during sex. I'll always etch-a-sketch on a first date. It makes me feel young again.
by totomm February 23, 2011
Top Definition
Trying to draw a smile on a woman's face by twiddling both nipples
by Karlito April 20, 2003
The classic drawing tool that uses two knobs to create a drawing using a magnet and metal shvings, Notoriously difficult to create anything intelligble. Often comes on a key-chain.
I spent hours doodling on that Etch-a-Sketch but never got anything but Cubism.
by CsvlDaikun April 23, 2005
When used as a verb, it can mean to rock one's head forcefully back and forth in an effort to erase a supremely unpleasant thought or memory.
After seeing his grandmother nude, he etch-a-sketched in an attempt at avoiding lasting psychological damage.
by Smarter Guy June 28, 2009
A term used to describe a situation or person of a shady/sketchy characteristic. Also a variation of hella sketch.
"Dude that dealer looks etch-a-sketch"- David
"Yea dude, i think we should leave and avoid trouble"- Sarah
"Good idea you always give great advice"- David
by Jiaaaa July 16, 2008
1. Strange and dubious characters getting inked at a tattoo parlor.

2. A tattoo parlor frequented by down-and-outers and other sketch.
Check out the freaks in the waiting room. Etch-a-sketch joints like that really creep me out.
by ElTone November 26, 2008
When something really akwardly dangerous happens and nobody can really recall as to why or what started the outbreak. During etch-a-sketch periods you may be a little scared and just want to leave the situation.

Not to be confused with sketch, which is an entirely different word.
"Why did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?"
"I don't know, it's pretty etch-a-sketch if you ask me"
by will.i>am May 06, 2009
to uppercut a lesser person thus causing all of the hair on the head to explode off in seperate directions.
That guy is such a douche, I just wanna etch-a-sketch him.
by Big Yetti May 12, 2011

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