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A truly stupid mod at the WGB who locks everything just if he doesnt like you. If he dissagrees in a point you are trying to make, he locks it. He is mean to every new user and doesnt represent the mods well.

Snaaaaake > ALL
I have a point to make, but that Estupido will lock in in 5 seconds!
by Eaglz81 April 16, 2005
IGN mod who leaks all the secret mod board information to me.
Handy when I need to know information IGN says I'm not supposed to. Teehee!!
by Kajan97 September 24, 2004
Best mod on IGN, the only one that deserves my respect. (the rest are fuckers)
Mods won't help you out? Ask Estupido1.
by MrWait November 07, 2004