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IGN mod who leaks all the secret mod board information to me.
Handy when I need to know information IGN says I'm not supposed to. Teehee!!
by Kajan97 September 24, 2004
Formerly known as xXashleyXx.
Is now modding the IGN message boards under the new Lord_Auric alias and making an asshole out of every IGN employee that believes he's someone new that they didn't in the past hate and permaneantly ban.
Poster 1: Wow, that guys posts are entertaining to read.
Poster 2: Of course they are ya fucking idiot xXashleyXx was a genius and is making his new Lord_Auric character out to be just as good.
by Kajan97 September 24, 2004
Pimp motherfucker and real life lawyer that bitch slaps punkass rich kid and wannabe lawyer Kajan97 at every opportunity!
Holy shit Kajan got pwned for the 50 billionth time on the Vestibule. This time by razardica. I think he'd better hang up his shitty posting career and equally shitty revillution website that won't be around in a year.
by Kajan97 September 24, 2004
She's not that attractive and I'm not even entirely sure that she's not a he but hey I'm Kajan97 so I'm used to surprises!
Instead of sucking my dad off as usual every Saturday at 7pm sharp I think I'll ask that Punk_Monkey babe on a date!
What have I got to lose other than more dignity when she either rejects me or I found out what she's sticking in my ass isn't her tongue but a giant penis attached to her pelvic region?!!
by Kajan97 September 24, 2004
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