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Sentient female beings whose feminism and mother instincts have grown twisted and awry, rivaling the evils of Hitler and Lex Luthor. Forever condemning anything created, uttered or thought by men, they ambulate across the planet spreading misery, self-loathing and pushing for the end of full-contact sports and action movies.

Common among the species is rampant bitchism, large asses gained from spending eternity on the couch watching Oprah and the Lifetime Network, and a learned aversion to armpit and pubic hair management. Extreme cases also include neglect of the leg hair and mustache.
Jay walked into bed Bath & Beyond while wearing a shirt depicting the act of a man receiving a blumpkin.

He was torn to pieces and eaten by a flock of Estrogenasauri that was in store to take advantage of Black Friday sales.

(pl. Estrogenasauruses or Estrogenasauri)
by Bolognaskins November 20, 2011

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