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An Estrogen Smack is when a male gets full on bombarded by a lot of women (Not in a sexual way.) to the extent of him just saying "I'm done." and is really annoyed with all females for a short period of time.

The cure for a hard estrogen smack is basically... This guy needs to just be a bro for a few hours. Odds are if you've been Estrogen Smacked, you're a really nice guy with friends that are girls, you're not a nerd or anything, you just don't sexually exploit women that often.
You have to chill with your bros, eat sandwhiches made by woman and just be a dude. Try not to be a dick or else those women that smacked you will do it again more angry.
One night on Facebook, Ben was Estrogen Smacked. It was horrible. He had 7 girls talking to him on chat about how amazing their boyfriends are and how cute their cat is. After Casey kept writing Wall post after Wall post, Ben /rage quit and needs to go be a bro for a while, maybe do some falcon punching, or get oral sex while eating doritos.

Poor Ben. He feels like he lost his manhood.
#estrogen #smacked #sex #oral #ben #manhood #falcon
by SlagithorFeelsBad July 28, 2010
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