A young girl, make famous by the vlogbrothers Hank and John Green. On of the bravest, kindest people you would ever meet. An amazing spirit who touched the world with her pure awesomeness. Wanted the world to love each other, believed that family was the most important sphere of influence in our lives.

Also known for leading to the "esther day" suprise of John Green telling his brother (Hank) that he loved him.

But the reason we all love her so much is because Esther is imperfect, but it's the imperfections that made her so awesome.
Esther star will not go out.
by Kanneryn June 06, 2011
A Sassy, Smart, Cool, food-giving, grandma
OMG, your grandma is such an Esther!
by beatriceiparis June 18, 2015
The unique fat man from Fallout New Vegas that was added by the gun runners downloadable content.
1. I destroyed the fiends with the tiny tots special ammo with the esther.

2. The esther is more powerful than the fat man.

3, The esther has big yield ammo as well.
by The Inprectichous Man January 30, 2015
A beautiful Latina woman who tends to attract strange Asian men (normally in cars). Also, is very fun-loving and crazy. Loud and slightly addicted to coffee.
Asian guy: Hey I saw an extremely beautiful girl drinking coffee today, as I drove by. I think she was an Esther.
Asian friend: Nice one. I love me some Esther.
by Sexy beast on legs July 27, 2011
A ratchet peasant who ruins everyones lives. She is selfish, mean, a liar and bitchy. She thinks she is amazing and is very two faced.
Ohh she's such an Esther
by Hazzasbabe June 11, 2013
Clowned out, Joked out.. Drives a Honda..
Yo that dude was acting Esther
by that dude9809090 May 01, 2011
comes from the name kevin, also means a horse ..people with this name tendd to have hunchbacks,white,and very tall. total wankers.
but i love her :)
stranger:'oi esther'
esther: 'naaaaaaayy!'
by bruvv12 December 13, 2010

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