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1) The most amazing Lesbian in the whole world.
2) A sexual beast who does nothing but attract other straight or bisexual woman who want to lay with her.
3) Portugese bombshell
1) Damn, that Essi is the most amazing lesbian in the world.
2) Wow, that girl pulled an Essi.
3) Girl: "You ain't nothin like that damn Essi"
Girl's Boyfriend: "Wut!?!?"
by Devin April 17, 2005
1.The name for Iranian boys who live in England
2.Common word that people shout when joking about
1.Chant : Essiiiiiii
2.Essi: "Safe blad!"
Mates: "Essiiiiiiiiii!!"
Essi: "Shut up fool!"
by Ham Stone May 27, 2007