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A (young) woman from the England county of Essex. In popular mythology an Essex girl is supposedly stupid and obsessed with sex.
Q: How do you know when an Essex girl has an orgasm?
A: She drops her kebab.
by Dunky Oggins November 21, 2003
blonde, dumb, easy, sleeps around, drunk every night, is known for being a slut, stupid, cheap, hair tight to head etc
man dat sket ova der,,,u can tell she a propa essex gal!
by Buff Stuff September 20, 2003
a "common" (or very common) girl, not very bright, both overdressed (in cheap jewellery and tacky fashion) and underdressed (displaying her assets), always materialistic (loves shopping), likes drinking heavily (alcopops will do), and fucks indiscriminately and like a bunny, preferably with guys with a bit of money and claahhhss, but after a few drinks ... well, has to ask her best mate "Who WAS that guy I was with last night, 'Chelle?"
Fred: I heard you scored last night.
Rob: Yeah, just an Essex girl though. What about you?
Fred: Just went home.
Rob: Oh yeah, I forgot Trish is an Essex girl too!
by kofi May 12, 2003
often very fit girl from essex in england, many years ago were known as easy lays but due to people spreading this reputation they have all tightened up! well done you fucking idiots! However, it is still possible to lure them in with your nice car!
Lad: So what are you doing after here?
Essex girl: Going home
Lad: fancy coming for a spin in my cosworth?
Essex girl: Oh yes!
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
some of the most beautiful girls in the world come from essex
essex girl: "I think i've got concussion."
paramedic: "How many fingers have i got up?"
essex girl: "oh! don't say i'm paralysed too."
by theWestHamfan November 19, 2003
Not what everyone thinks! not the blonde bimbo in white stilletos and up for anything! theres only a few of them around!
lets not generalise every girl from essex as an essex girl
by laura April 26, 2005
Classically: a dumb, gum-chewing sexually promiscuous girl.
Of low intellect enhanced further with cheap clothing in the extreme; over accessorised with tacky jewellery, garish make-up, often, burnt/bleached hair (usually untidily and voluminously back-combed).Heavy smoker, frequently innebriated and carrier of numerous S.T.D.'s..
Arrogant, cocksure (in more ways than one..) irresponsible, self centred, will stop at nothing to bed young and eager men.Often heard in the early hours walking home, irritating the neighbourhood with noisy stiletto-heeled shoes.Tragic indeed.
I was in Southend again last night, ended up with a right dog! she was the classic essex girl (par excallance!)
by Inja February 19, 2008
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