An act intended to instill fear in an obscure, specific group of people.
In what has been called an act of esoterrorism, five area men between the ages of 35 and 37, all of whom are named Carl and drive blue Saturn Ions, received anonymous letters threatening their lives.

Local authorities declined to comment on the current investigation, but suggested that dark-haired women whose middle name is Melissa, living in Shreveport, Louisiana and who own white dogs under 15 pounds could be in danger as the esoterrorist's next targets.
by Darcy_Tucker July 19, 2008
Top Definition
When any group of people of two or more engages in frequent private (esoteric) jokes with one another over any public medium, like facebook, where there are many people who will not "get" the joke. One or two offenses every once in a while is ok but when people go crazy, the esoteric jokes reach levels comparable to terrorism.
A: eyyyyyy, SMIX?

C comments: wow, wtf are you two talking about? This is the fifth time this week, get off that esoterrorism shit.
by LexHavoc January 08, 2011

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