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This is the person you claim you already made plans with in order to get out of doing something with somebody you are trying to avoid hanging out with. Often used to ditch a girlfriend or dinner at the parents house.
"Thank god I used you as an escape goat, almost had to goto my sister's birthday party!"
"No problem man, at least something good came out of me getting in that terrible car accident"

"Hey wanna goto a movie later baby?"
"Yeah sure. Oh! Shoot I forgot, I already had plans with Taylor"
"You're just using him as an escape goat aren't you!"
by natannn May 28, 2009
16 54
A slang used by idiots who do not realize the term is scapegoat

Somehow, this slang is becoming popular and I'm hearing it more and more. Please, stop the ignorance.
"I felt like the escape goat!!"
"You mean scapegoat, you dimwit!"
by The Queen Of Chodes January 02, 2005
771 173
A goat used to escape a hostile or dangerous situation. Has no connection to "Scapegoat" whatsoever. The Escapegoat is usually ridden on its back by the escapee. They run very fast and uncontrollably. A sub-category of the Goat species.
My friend said "Dude, the gangsters are gonna cap us! Lets bail on our Escapegoat!"
by Escapegoat666 August 10, 2008
42 6
"Escape goat" was said on-air in 2002 by UK Big Brother reality show contestent Jade Goody. Scorned by millions, usage picked up, and now it's widely said, by some knowingly aware of the joke, but others unknowingly. The mistake vaguely makes sense because people looking for a "scapegoat" are trying to "escape" blame.
"They were trying to use me as an escape goat," said Jade.
by geoffreyt February 20, 2009
70 42
First used by the ignorant for the word "scapegoat" but it is now commonplace to use it tounge-in-cheek, just as the word "Internets" is used referencing Dubya's plural addition to the singular item.

Just because someone uses Escape Goat doesn't mean they believe it to be correct. Most of the time they are messing around.
"The dude is being used as an escape goat."

"That's scapegoat."

"Yeah, I know, but this is the Internets so stfu."
by ddoggphx June 20, 2007
113 87
Noun; The person on whom one blames their inability to attend to something they really didn't want to anyway.
I explained to Jenny that I couldn't make it to her jazz ensemble's rehearsal because Kevin was stranded at the airport and needed rescuing. He was the perfect escapegoat, since Jenny knows how broke he always is.
by Johnny Soporno February 05, 2006
52 29
A former employee who gets blamed for everything wrong with a project because the remaining team resents him/her from escaping the mess.
Since Jim took the job in Hawaii his code has been the escapegoat for the security leak on the client's site.

Just use Ellen as an escapegoat; that bitch totally ditched us to open a B&B.
by Nixiedust March 05, 2011
3 5
a person so clever and smart that they cannot be victimized or duped, a person who can use tricks or manoeuvres to escape a dangerous situation or predicament.
You cannot trap that guy. He is such an escapegoat.
by uttam maharjan July 20, 2010
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