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The kind of boy with looks that will make you forget how to breathe,will make you laugh like no other, will make you feel like the lucky one if you were his girl, will love you with all his heart, will never mistreat you, will make the best love to you ever, will be the perfect boy you'll ever meet in your whole entire life, he'll make you need and want him every second of your life.
"I want to marry Ervin."
by ESMPZR September 22, 2008
The last name of Irish rebels who once upon time fought beside William Wallace.
"What are some of the families the fought with William Wallace?"
"The Ervin clan"
by Melody Diffenbach March 05, 2009
He is a retarded thing/person makes fun of kids he is born with Down syndrome At the age of 12 he will have a Girlfriend And lose it.
Ervins are common to playing pokemon and Are 70 % Reliable .90 % are gay .5 % are smart .At the age of 12 He will have AIDS and at 2 inch penis. At the age of 21 he will have a penis size of a 12 year old .they also mean Gay
"I dont want to be ervin Dx"
by Jose Reyes 23 July 23, 2013
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