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A very beautiful daughter of God; one who loves soccer, pictures, and life in general; one who laughs at anything and everything;someone who is surrounded by friends; someone who is known for being fun, artistic, talented, driven, amazing at soccer; and smart; Errrn has high standards and would never knowingly hurt someone's feelings; Errrn gives great compliments that always have significance to the reciever; one who has great style;the future spouse of the Jimmer; One who has exceptionally beautiful eyes; the girl who is going to Homecoming with Cameron
Antonyms- ugly; satan;sinner;lazy;unathletic
*cameron- Wow! Errrn just told me i have nice legs!
*scott- Neat! you are so lucky!
*cameron- I know! I'll never forget that compliment!

*maxine- is Errrn going to Homecoming with you?
*cameron- Gee... I sure hope so!
*maxine- me too!
by oneverysexyman September 11, 2011
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