When you drink an entire Four Loko and a Forty (preferably with 8.0+ %) at the same time. Can be taped to your hands in a similar fashion as Edward Fortyhands, but you may die. It's an error because you will pass out, you will say and do stupid shit, and you'll wake up at 6 am and post a description of what happened to you. I can't wait to see the pictures...

Also Error 404 happens when a server can't find the picture it's looking up, and you'll wish it happened to every picture taken of you. 40 + 4 Loko = Error 404
Yo let's go pregame the volleyball game.
*buys lemon lime four loko and 9.1% CAMO silver ice 40 for 6.75$*
*doesn't go to the volleyball game*
*pukes a little bit*
*hits leg on something*
*goes to bed really early*
*saran wrapped legs*
*shoes in bed*
Basically, uber drunkenness.
OMFG, that Error 404 was not a good idea, I missed wayyyy too many parties.
by caust1c October 30, 2010
Top Definition
Error! Definition not found!
Error! Example not found!
by JimE Ray August 19, 2005
Definition not found.
Error 404, definition could not be found
by xXButtseXx January 09, 2015
One of the reasons Why Millions of Computers are throwed in the trashes in only 5 Minutes of use
by Mr.Dictionnary March 14, 2004
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