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Full of life and a very upbeat type of girl. Can be described as a nerd but if you don't like her there's something wrong with you! She always has gorgeous hair. She's a multi- talented girl, with her three musical instruments, singing, and brains also. Has a great french accent and likes to scream while sprinting across the field. Is a good late night chat conversationalist (types ghetto well) and secretly can dance awesomely . She can shake her booty!
Eron: "Hey everyone let's all make the weirdest faces possible when they take the picture so we can look like complete retards!"

Person 1: "hey Eron I bet you can't name all the periodic elements in order"
Eron: "Hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen....."

"Yeah she was really Eron to me"
by bellekatt September 25, 2010
Origin: eronmonsele (Nigerian), `God accept my prayer.’

Generous, loving, kind, self-sacrificing. Endlessly understanding and quietly patient. A gift.
"Who cleaned up the lounge for us all?"

"I don't know, it must have been an erons."
by makeobleua December 01, 2013
The very best

He is funny

Gets a lot of girls
Its sim He is the very BEST
"look its Eron he is the very best
by your hello April 17, 2016
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