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Epic rape of death
This class was an erod.
#epic #rape #death #marion #roflmaopownz
by Mr.Crocks March 17, 2010
Acronym for Epic Rape Of Death. 1. Usually used when one have to go through various difficulties out of his control over a long period of time. 2. Can also be used the same way as the word owned or pwned although someone who's been through an erod is victim of fate and the difficulties aren't necessary due to his skill (or lack thereof). In this sense, erod is more respectful than owned or pwned 3. Erod can be used as a standalone expression to relate the difficulty of the current situation.
1. -Dude, I've heard Bob is going to do postgraduate studies on some advanced physics notions!
-No way! That's gonna be a total erod!

2. Bob asks his 13 years old brother to solve his partial differential equations for tomorrow. Bob's brother is being eroded.

3. Bob can't stand his colleague anymore. While Bob is having a break, his colleague calls him to urgently fix his computer. "Erod!" says Bob before leaving the room.
#epic #rape #death #owned #pwned
by DoubleEggs April 30, 2010
A parody of Alex Rodriguez's nickname "A-Rod". E stands for error, which when Alex Rodriguez makes one, fans start calling him "E-Rod".
Yankee fan: Aw man, A-Rod made an error at third.
Red Sox fan: Haha, E-Rod sucks.
#alex rodriguez #yankees #baseball #mlb #football
by lolpoly963 July 26, 2007
A male, preferably Cuban, that tends to complain about specific, stressful situations. Often very annoying to the ear, "Erods" have tendencies to pick fights then back out of them with an unexplainable, or casual, injury. "Erods" travel alone or within groups of females called "Erodas". Because Erods emit a large amount of Cuban Radiation (see Cuban Radiation), the Erodas tend to get fatal Heart Cancer while accompanying them.
"You're such an Erod."

"Go back to Cuba Erod."

"Erod bailed on hell week because he injured his ankle and said his mom has heart cancer."
#erodas #cuban radiation #fag #tool #pussy #heart cancer #rafter #fidel castro #cuba #cold war #cocaine #boxing #cuntlicker
by John Ganter January 27, 2009
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