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Plain and simple, the most perfect thing to ever exist on the planet. There is nothing more perfect than this. Everybody loves erlis. If you know a erlis you are probably one of the few lucky people in the universe, blessed, to experience such a thing.
Holy shit! its an erlis! OMG!
by GodHiimself May 14, 2011
A pear shaped Albanian boy usually found between Brookline and Boston. Often blacks out in drunkenness due to his shitstorm of emotions towards the young ladies of Brookline. If left alone, can be very dangerous and unnecessarily confrontational.

Also has been known to throw his arms behind him when he runs to increase aerodynamics, but just looks like an autistic 4 year old.
Oh shit, Erli just threw up all over the place. We should leave him there.

Why is Erli running like that? We should leave him there.

Oh shit, Erli's in Boston alone! We should leave him there.

Erli's playing Skyrim and jerking off in his basement, we should leave him there.
by BigWeinJesus January 01, 2012

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